Monday, December 3, 2012

5 for Five - Week 4 and Currently - December

The goals I accomplished are highlighted below... ( 3 out of 5 this week)

1.  Work on backdrop for the winter musical.

2.  Drink more water and work out at least 2 times this week.

3.  Get to work early or on time all this week. ( I was early 3 days last week, on time 1 day, and late 1 day)

4.  Read for leisure

5.  Read with my daughter 3 times this week

This week's 5 for Five are below...
1.  Drink more water and work out at least 2 times this week

2.  Put up my Christmas decorations

3.  Complete at least 1 Christmas craft on my long, long list

4.  Get to work early or on time all this week. 

5.  Don't procrastinate on upcoming  deadlines 

As always I'll let you know next week how many of my new goals I accomplished.
Try this for yourself and link up with Jessica and Jenn.

It's already time for the December Currently, so here it goes

Loving - Scentos markers in holiday scents (chocolate, peppermint, and cherry I think)

Wanting - Some new, cool, and colorful glasses

Needing - A new microwave


  1. I love smelly markers! You would not believe what a student will do for you to draw ONE star on their paper with a smelly's seriously magic! I love your blog. Happy to be your new follower! Stop by and check me out sometime!
    Love, Laughter and Lesson Plans


    1. Thanks for becoming a follower! I know the kids love the smelly markers too!

  2. I am SO glad I found your blog through Farley's Currently linky! Art is being phased out of our classrooms more and more and it is so sad. I love incorporating it into my room as much as possible! The ideas you have are WONDERFUL! I love your ripped paper snowmen!! Too cute!

    YoungTeacherLove 5th Grade Blog

    1. Thanks a lot! My students loved doing the torn paper collages, even though it is extremely messy. I know when I taught 1st grade I incorporated a lot of art into the classroom because of the same reason.



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